2D & 3D illustration

Our illustration services provide a seamless process that takes your concept from the sketch stage to a stunning, fully-rendered 2D or 3D illustration. Echo Medical Media specializes in scientific and medical illustration, including surgical, pharmaceutical, medical device, method of action (MOA) and editorial and conceptual illustration. Our clients include textbook art, cover art, marketing visuals, and scientific exhibit art.

Surgical illustration

We have extensive experience in creating surgical and medical illustrations. We are familiar with current surgical techniques, including laparoscopic and robot-assisted surgical procedures.

Molecular illustration

We specialize in using protein database molecular data to create accurate 3D visualizations of molecular landscapes and molecular interactions.

Conceptual and Editorial

From covers to chapter openers to editorial illustrations, we specialize in creating visually engaging, creative solutions for complex scientific concepts.

Scientific illustration

Our scientific illustration services include medical, biological, physiological, natural and paleo subjects. We also specialize in using fossil specimens to recreate 2D and 3D illustrations illustrations of paleo fauna and flora.

Why choose us

Echo Medical Media provides full service medical illustration, animation,
and 3D modeling services for the medical and scientific community.
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Why to choose us

Over 18 years experience delivering quality content. Echo Medical Media was founded in 1999 to provide high-end visual solutions for a variety of clients in the medical and scientific community. Clients include medical journals and magazines, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, educational publishers, medical legal exhibits, and museum exhibits.

We have extensive experience negotiating budgets, guiding and communicating with clients, and storyboarding for animation and media projects. Many of our projects involve working with teams of editors, authors, and artists.

Cinema 4D, Zbrush, photogrammetry, additive 3D printing processes, and state of the art post production finishes are all part of our process to provide the very best in medical and scientific visualization.

After receiving a BFA in anatomy and fine art at Colorado State University, Quade Paul continued to the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to receive a Masters degree in Medical Visualization from the Art as Applied to Medicine program.