Echo Medical Media provides full service illustration, animation, and design for the medical and scientific community. We have over 30 years combined experience producing state of the art illustrations and animations for a wide range of projects, including pharmaceutical method-of-action, medical devices, editorial, and textbooks.

In addition to custom illustration, we have a variety of stock medical and scientific illustrations that can be licensed for different uses. Please contact us for more information about reuse fees and rights. Please note that all images on this site are protected by copyright law and may not be downloaded, copied, altered, or published in any way without the explicit written permission of Echo Medical Media, LLC.


Christopher Lowe's review of Doug Erwin and Jim Valentine's "The Cambrian Explosion: The Construction of Animal Biodiversity" as it appears June 7, 2013 issue of Science

"The Weird Youth of the Animal Kingdom" blog by science writer Carl Zimmer.

Science/AAAS 2011 Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge winner for our piece called "Tumor Death-Cell Receptors on Breast Cancer Cell".

Ipad App for Evolution: Making Sense of Life now available in the app store.

Evolution: Making Sense of Life by Carl Zimmer and Doug Emlen now available.

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